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Comparison to Surrounding Areas

85193 Median Household Income

The median household income ($59,414) for 85193 is less than the median household income for 85122 ($62,944), 85138 ($89,026), 85139 ($81,605), Pinal County ($73,313), and Casa Grande city ($64,535). But it's more than 85123 ($52,396), 85131 ($58,229), 85172 ($49,015), Tat Momoli CDP ($-1), Arizona City CDP ($50,218), Vaiva Vo CDP ($-1), Chuichu CDP ($-1), and Eloy city ($57,364).

Chuichu CDP$-1
Arizona City CDP$50,218
Casa Grande city$64,535
Vaiva Vo CDP$-1
Eloy city$57,364
Tat Momoli CDP$-1
Pinal County$73,313

85193 Average Household Income

The average household income ($92,049) for 85193 is less than the average household income for 85138 ($102,936) and Pinal County ($92,354). But it's more than 85122 ($88,036), 85123 ($65,645), 85131 ($68,853), 85139 ($91,734), 85172 ($67,644), Arizona City CDP ($63,558), Vaiva Vo CDP ($-1), Casa Grande city ($89,469), Chuichu CDP ($68,995), Eloy city ($67,055), and Tat Momoli CDP ($-1).

Chuichu CDP$68,995
Arizona City CDP$63,558
Casa Grande city$89,469
Vaiva Vo CDP$-1
Eloy city$67,055
Tat Momoli CDP$-1
Pinal County$92,354

85193 Per-Capita Income

The per-capita income for 85193 is $26,299. The per capita income ($26,299) for 85193 is less than the per capita income for 85139 ($30,927), 85122 ($32,366), 85123 ($29,016), 85138 ($33,387), Pinal County ($33,158), Arizona City CDP ($28,850), Casa Grande city ($33,262), and Chuichu CDP ($27,172). But it's more than 85131 ($17,614), 85172 ($22,847), Eloy city ($16,729), Tat Momoli CDP ($-1), and Vaiva Vo CDP ($22,916).

Chuichu CDP$27,172
Arizona City CDP$28,850
Casa Grande city$33,262
Vaiva Vo CDP$22,916
Eloy city$16,729
Tat Momoli CDP$-1
Pinal County$33,158

85193 High Income Households

5.5% of households make over $200,000 a year. The percent high income households (5.5%) for 85193 is more than 85122 (3.7%), 85172 (2.2%), 85139 (7.7%), 85138 (7.7%), 85131 (3.6%), 85123 (2.0%), Pinal County (6.3%), Vaiva Vo CDP (0.0%), Tat Momoli CDP (-1.0%), Eloy city (3.0%), Chuichu CDP (0.0%), Casa Grande city (3.8%), and Arizona City CDP (2.4%).

Chuichu CDP0.0%
Arizona City CDP2.4%
Casa Grande city3.8%
Vaiva Vo CDP0.0%
Eloy city3.0%
Tat Momoli CDP-1.0%
Pinal County6.3%

85193 Median Household Income by Age of Householder

under 25 years 25 to 44 years 45 to 64 years 65 years and over
Chuichu CDP$-1$-1$-1$-1
Arizona City CDP$38,773$59,411$47,246$49,817
Casa Grande city$44,837$67,683$77,056$52,184
Vaiva Vo CDP$-1$-1$-1$-1
Eloy city$37,208$46,583$57,727$68,787
Tat Momoli CDP$-1$-1$-1$-1
Pinal County$50,722$84,783$83,627$57,259

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About the Data

Sources & Margins of Error

All income statistics above are the most current, comparable income statistics available from the US Census Bureau and are from the American Community Survey 2022 5-year estimates. These values are in 2022 inflation-adjusted dollars and were downloaded on 7 December 2023.

The following data tables were used:

  • B19001 Household Income in the Past 12 Months (in 2022 inflation-adjusted dollars)
  • B19013 Median Household Income in the Past 12 Months (in 2022 inflation-adjusted dollars)
  • B19301 Per Capita Income in the Past 12 Months (in 2022 inflation-adjusted dollars)
  • S1902 Mean Income in the Past 12 Months (in 2022 inflation-adjusted dollars)
  • B19049 Median Household Income in the Past 12 Months (in 2022 inflation-adjusted dollars) By Age Of Householder

Margins of error for the above income data are:

Median Household Income Average Household Income Per Capita Income High Income Households Median Household Income by Age of Householder
under 25 25 to 44 45 to 64 65+
Chuichu CDP+/-$-1+/-$53,811+/-$10,547+/-41.7%+/-$-1+/-$-1+/-$-1+/-$-1
Arizona City CDP+/-$8,062+/-$9,366+/-$3,986+/-2.3%+/-$9,517+/-$22,297+/-$24,028+/-$10,202
Casa Grande city+/-$3,561+/-$14,855+/-$5,338+/-1.0%+/-$18,217+/-$7,820+/-$7,654+/-$4,836
Vaiva Vo CDP+/-$-1+/-$-1+/-$3,636+/-100.0%+/-$-1+/-$-1+/-$-1+/-$-1
Eloy city+/-$9,011+/-$5,613+/-$1,638+/-1.6%+/-$12,035+/-$21,873+/-$13,522+/-$17,271
Tat Momoli CDP+/-$-1+/-$-1+/-$-1+/--1.0%+/-$-1+/-$-1+/-$-1+/-$-1
Pinal County+/-$1,177+/-$2,710+/-$879+/-0.6%+/-$12,607+/-$2,812+/-$4,131+/-$1,902