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Sample Zip Code List
Zip (ZCTA) Median Household Income in the past 12 months Margin of Error Mean Income (dollars) Margin of Error City State
1 01001 $60,161 $6,553 $71,100 $4,274 Agawam Town Massachusetts
2 01002 $50,540 $4,075 $78,112 $4,736 Shutesbury Massachusetts
3 01002 $50,540 $4,075 $78,112 $4,736 Pelham Massachusetts
4 01002 $50,540 $4,075 $78,112 $4,736 Amherst Massachusetts
5 01003 $84,224 $78,507 Amherst Massachusetts
6 01005 $68,786 $7,663 $83,117 $12,443 Barre Massachusetts
7 01007 $76,881 $6,970 $87,967 $6,210 Belchertown Massachusetts
8 01008 $70,417 $7,219 $76,843 $5,606 Granville Massachusetts
9 01008 $70,417 $7,219 $76,843 $5,606 Blandford Massachusetts
10 01009 $40,833 $10,008 $47,654 $11,263 Palmer Town Massachusetts
11 01010 $87,961 $9,189 $93,709 $8,912 Brimfield Massachusetts

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