Uncover hidden opportunities with an Income by Zip Code Map

Even if you love analyzing spreadsheets, consider getting an interactive map that can reveal clusters of zip codes with your target demographics. Delegate this map-building chore to us like the boss you are so you can focus your limited marketing hours on targeting the right zip codes for your business and your ad campaigns.

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  • Instant download
  • Most current data (2018) available from Census.gov
  • Corresponds to the Income by Zip Code List in Excel
  • Filter on multiple variables like highest income & population density
  • See all zips in 1 county with a filter
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Income By Zip Code Map

Instant Insights with Interactive Maps

Easily spot the best zip codes for your new business location or your marketing campaigns.

  • See just the zip codes that you want using filters
  • Explore your target areas by zooming & panning
  • Show detailed income data by clicking on a zip
Income By Zip Code Map: All US $199
Income By Zip Code Map: a State $59

Order Your Income By Zip Code Map

The Income By Zip Map includes:

  • Median Income
  • Average income
  • Population density
  • Median age

“If only the map had...”

You might need 1 other Census variable to take this map from helpful to mind-blowingly insightful. If the data you need is included in the Census' American Community Survey, we'll add 1 variable to your map for NO additional fee. Email Kristen your questions about map customizations.

Sample Map of Travis County, Texas

Try out the Map: Click on the Icn cartodb drop icon to see the Average Income or the Population Density. Click on a bar graph to filter. Slide the filter handles left & right to change your filter values. Review the Users Guide to see all functionality.

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Map Pricing

Icn zipcode map

Interactive Map
with Income Data: A State

$59 All Zips in 1 State


Median income
Average income
Population density

Zoom & Pan
Data on the map

Icn zipcode map

Interactive Map
with Income Data: All US

$199 All ZIPs in US


Median income
Average income
Population density

Zoom & Pan
Data on the map

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