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Comparison to Surrounding Areas

95966 Median Household Income

The median household income ($62,519) for 95966 is less than the median household income for 95941 ($66,938), 95919 ($65,703), Butte County ($66,085), Yuba County ($66,693), Honcut CDP ($161,250), Oroville East CDP ($85,672), South Oroville CDP ($66,150), Forbestown CDP ($67,438), and Bangor CDP ($92,750). But it's more than 95968 ($41,875), 95901 ($59,378), 95914 ($49,286), 95916 ($41,385), 95965 ($45,406), Berry Creek CDP ($45,547), Kelly Ridge CDP ($59,665), Oroville city ($46,362), Palermo CDP ($46,905), and Robinson Mill CDP ($-1).

South Oroville CDP$66,150
Palermo CDP$46,905
Robinson Mill CDP$-1
Bangor CDP$92,750
Berry Creek CDP$45,547
Forbestown CDP$67,438
Honcut CDP$161,250
Kelly Ridge CDP$59,665
Oroville city$46,362
Oroville East CDP$85,672
Yuba County$66,693
Butte County$66,085

95966 Average Household Income

The average household income ($83,265) for 95966 is less than the average household income for 95914 ($123,509), Butte County ($92,479), Yuba County ($85,286), Bangor CDP ($122,315), Honcut CDP ($165,161), and Oroville East CDP ($104,083). But it's more than 95901 ($77,152), 95916 ($56,340), 95919 ($64,285), 95941 ($66,078), 95965 ($68,349), 95968 ($80,112), Berry Creek CDP ($59,842), South Oroville CDP ($74,353), Forbestown CDP ($69,099), Kelly Ridge CDP ($83,008), Oroville city ($64,470), Palermo CDP ($74,029), and Robinson Mill CDP ($-1).

South Oroville CDP$74,353
Palermo CDP$74,029
Robinson Mill CDP$-1
Bangor CDP$122,315
Berry Creek CDP$59,842
Forbestown CDP$69,099
Honcut CDP$165,161
Kelly Ridge CDP$83,008
Oroville city$64,470
Oroville East CDP$104,083
Yuba County$85,286
Butte County$92,479

95966 Per-Capita Income

The per-capita income for 95966 is $33,211. The per capita income ($33,211) for 95966 is less than the per capita income for 95914 ($56,430), 95968 ($33,324), Butte County ($36,374), Oroville East CDP ($41,755), Kelly Ridge CDP ($39,998), Bangor CDP ($55,705), and Honcut CDP ($41,233). But it's more than 95901 ($27,888), 95965 ($25,178), 95941 ($23,308), 95919 ($30,882), 95916 ($25,585), Yuba County ($30,036), South Oroville CDP ($28,905), Robinson Mill CDP ($-1), Palermo CDP ($29,064), Oroville city ($23,754), Forbestown CDP ($24,049), and Berry Creek CDP ($27,652).

South Oroville CDP$28,905
Palermo CDP$29,064
Robinson Mill CDP$-1
Bangor CDP$55,705
Berry Creek CDP$27,652
Forbestown CDP$24,049
Honcut CDP$41,233
Kelly Ridge CDP$39,998
Oroville city$23,754
Oroville East CDP$41,755
Yuba County$30,036
Butte County$36,374

95966 High Income Households

6.1% of households make over $200,000 a year. The percent high income households (6.1%) for 95966 is more than 95914 (21.4%), 95901 (5.7%), 95968 (4.5%), 95965 (5.0%), 95941 (0.0%), 95919 (0.0%), 95916 (2.8%), Butte County (9.1%), Yuba County (6.7%), Palermo CDP (5.3%), Robinson Mill CDP (0.0%), South Oroville CDP (0.0%), Oroville East CDP (9.4%), Oroville city (3.5%), Kelly Ridge CDP (9.2%), Honcut CDP (11.1%), Forbestown CDP (0.0%), Berry Creek CDP (2.6%), and Bangor CDP (21.1%).

South Oroville CDP0.0%
Palermo CDP5.3%
Robinson Mill CDP0.0%
Bangor CDP21.1%
Berry Creek CDP2.6%
Forbestown CDP0.0%
Honcut CDP11.1%
Kelly Ridge CDP9.2%
Oroville city3.5%
Oroville East CDP9.4%
Yuba County6.7%
Butte County9.1%

95966 Median Household Income by Age of Householder

under 25 years 25 to 44 years 45 to 64 years 65 years and over
South Oroville CDP$-1$78,041$76,739$38,561
Palermo CDP$-1$41,862$-1$48,255
Robinson Mill CDP$-1$-1$-1$-1
Bangor CDP$-1$-1$-1$71,923
Berry Creek CDP$-1$36,375$73,468$42,432
Forbestown CDP$-1$-1$-1$-1
Honcut CDP$-1$-1$-1$-1
Kelly Ridge CDP$-1$91,719$58,103$49,808
Oroville city$30,887$55,693$45,254$31,474
Oroville East CDP$-1$111,545$94,107$64,348
Yuba County$52,083$78,883$73,182$46,259
Butte County$32,902$76,574$84,748$54,486

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About the Data

Sources & Margins of Error

All income statistics above are the most current, comparable income statistics available from the US Census Bureau and are from the American Community Survey 2022 5-year estimates. These values are in 2022 inflation-adjusted dollars and were downloaded on 7 December 2023.

The following data tables were used:

  • B19001 Household Income in the Past 12 Months (in 2022 inflation-adjusted dollars)
  • B19013 Median Household Income in the Past 12 Months (in 2022 inflation-adjusted dollars)
  • B19301 Per Capita Income in the Past 12 Months (in 2022 inflation-adjusted dollars)
  • S1902 Mean Income in the Past 12 Months (in 2022 inflation-adjusted dollars)
  • B19049 Median Household Income in the Past 12 Months (in 2022 inflation-adjusted dollars) By Age Of Householder

Margins of error for the above income data are:

Median Household Income Average Household Income Per Capita Income High Income Households Median Household Income by Age of Householder
under 25 25 to 44 45 to 64 65+
South Oroville CDP+/-$15,852+/-$12,128+/-$5,602+/-4.4%+/-$-1+/-$16,850+/-$32,227+/-$9,338
Palermo CDP+/-$8,244+/-$13,667+/-$5,006+/-3.1%+/-$-1+/-$20,679+/-$-1+/-$5,725
Robinson Mill CDP+/-$-1+/-$-1+/-$-1+/-54.1%+/-$-1+/-$-1+/-$-1+/-$-1
Bangor CDP+/-$46,993+/-$43,747+/-$20,654+/-14.7%+/-$-1+/-$-1+/-$-1+/-$36,897
Berry Creek CDP+/-$9,703+/-$11,017+/-$5,005+/-4.1%+/-$-1+/-$19,637+/-$28,935+/-$8,433
Forbestown CDP+/-$61,287+/-$23,019+/-$9,460+/-26.8%+/-$-1+/-$-1+/-$-1+/-$-1
Honcut CDP+/-$147,444+/-$119,575+/-$32,140+/-18.6%+/-$-1+/-$-1+/-$-1+/-$-1
Kelly Ridge CDP+/-$17,416+/-$14,185+/-$7,585+/-6.9%+/-$-1+/-$22,083+/-$56,459+/-$10,390
Oroville city+/-$5,398+/-$6,170+/-$2,009+/-1.5%+/-$12,196+/-$5,100+/-$12,038+/-$5,636
Oroville East CDP+/-$7,453+/-$12,253+/-$5,155+/-3.0%+/-$-1+/-$31,857+/-$22,050+/-$10,420
Yuba County+/-$2,796+/-$3,691+/-$1,208+/-1.1%+/-$9,284+/-$5,541+/-$6,895+/-$4,951
Butte County+/-$2,261+/-$3,230+/-$1,171+/-0.8%+/-$5,489+/-$3,534+/-$7,586+/-$3,269